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The Whole World

My earliest memories of childhood revolve around bedtime as a toddler.  While it was my mom who was racing in from work, hurrying to put a healthy dinner on the table, taking care of my evening bath… it was my dad who would swoop in and play the hero at the end of each night.  He would tuck me in, read stories, sing songs, and tickle my back until I fell asleep… but it is the songs, church songs, that I remember the most from those early years.

Before the B-I-B-L-E, before Jesus Loves Me or Jesus Loves the Little Children, before Zacchaeus or Deep and Wide… I have memories of my Dad teaching me He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.  Do you know it?   

This song reminds me that our creator doesn’t just hold me in his hands.  He doesn’t just hold you in his hands. He doesn’t just hold people who look like us, dress like us, talk like us, live like us, vote like us, raise families like us, worship like us… he holds ALL of us.  And as such, we are required to love and care for one another, regardless of our differences.

From the earliest of ages, and by way of this song, I understood a most fundamental concept.  That by expanding our view to include the whole world, we open ourselves to full acceptance of others and open relationships that can bring richness into our lives in ways we can only imagine.